Hello, future members of the group!I am glad you reached this page. The purpose of this page is to help you know more about us so that you can estimate whether our lab is a good fit for you and, if it is, potential ways to join us. We are always looking for hard-working, self-motivated students from undergraduate levels to Ph.D. levels to work with us. More specifically, we want coworkers who have a "maker" mindset. In other words, they have a passion for engineering, which means they are comfortable building a real-world prototype and handling unpredictable non-idealities when the real-world prototype does not behave according to the theory. This means that we expect you to be both good at programming and doing hands-on experiments. Almost every project from our group comes with a working prototype that can be demonstrated to the public in conferences. We believe this is our unique strength.For Purdue undergrads, feel free to contact me if you want to do research in our group. Keep in mind that I require at least 10 hours every week dedicated to research to achieve the best learning experience and ensure progress. When you email Prof. Guo, please send your CV and transcript so we can learn more about your background.For undergraduate students studying in US colleges, we offer research internships via Purdue's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program each summer. The program offers full financial support, including a housing stipend if you need to relocate, for a 12-week period during the summer. Please first read through the program's website before contacting Prof. Guo. If you are interested, you can contact Prof. Guo directly via email with your CV and transcript. We typically accept applications for next summer, starting in September of the previous year and continuing until January. Apply early, as we will stop looking for applications after the positions fill up. We will reach out to you after we review the applications. If you have any questions, please email Prof. Guo with the title "Questions regarding the SURF program."For prospective graduate students, please go through the website carefully to understand what we do before contacting us. This can help you quickly decide if we are a good match. If you do feel motivated about what we work on, please send us an email with your CV and transcripts, and also mention Prof. Guo's name in your application. We will read your email and will pay attention to your application. Looking forward to hearing from you!Prof. Guo