Lori J. Carte


Ph.D. Students (alphabetized by last name)

Yuanrui Chen

chen4387@purdueYuanrui Chen joined the group in 2022 as a first-year Ph.D. student in ECE. His current research is related to metasurfaces. Hailing from Chengdu, China, known for its cuisine, Yuanrui completed his undergraduate studies at UIUC. Beyond his scientific pursuits, he developed a deep fascination for history and geography, often exploring diverse cultures through travel. He also likes rock music, soccer and aquatic sports.

Junjie Luo

luo330@purdueJunjie Luo, a PhD student in Prof Guo's research group, hails from Shenzhen, a city situated adjacent to Hong Kong. During his leisure time, he takes pleasure in repairing computers, cooking, engaging in weightlifting, and reading literature spanning various genres and periods.

Poulomi Pradhan

pradhan9@purduePoulomi is from Jhargram, India. Her research interest includes Automatic Differentiation and Machine learning. In her free time she enjoys hiking, painting and exploring cultural history.

Wei Xu 

xu1639@purdueWei is passionate about improving the efficiency and accuracy of computer vision through the application of numerical analysis and machine learning methods. He earned his bachelor's degree from Tianjin University (China) and pursued his master's degree at Northeastern University. When he's not immersed in his research, Wei loves to embark on hiking adventures, exploring the beauty of nature.[Website]

Master Students (alphabetized by last name)

Charles Brookshire

cbrooksh@purdueCharles is currently a thesis-master candidate at Purdue University. Before attending Purdue he graduated with both a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton. His research interests are in the field of computational imaging, more particularly computational photography, but also has a strong interest in multidisciplinary imaging problems. On to more personal hobbies and interests, he enjoys good story telling, be it in the form of digital media, movies, books, or even tabletop games. He also really enjoys music, though it’s been tough to keep up with playing/performing.

PhD Alumni  

Sonali Patil. PhD 2022, went to German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Master's Alumni

Noah Hung. MS 2023, went to Purdue Dept of Statistics for PhD. Ahmad Bin Rabiah. MS 2023, went to UCSD Dept of Computer Science for PhD.  

Undergrad Alumni

Lydia Chen, SURF 2023Christina Yu, SURF 2023